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  • What are your hours? 
  • Our Bail Bonds Agents are always on call for immediate dispatch and response to any Jail or Police Department in the State.
  • Who can sign for a bond?
  • Anyone who is working and is willing to take responsibility for the person arrested returning to court and continuing to go to all of his or her court dates until the case is over.
  • How much do I need?
  • The State of Connecticut Mandates the fee for a bail bond to be 10% of the first $5,000 and 7% of anything in excess. This means a $5,000 bond would be $500 while a $5,100 bond would be $507. An easy equasion would be any bond over $5,000 is 7% plus $150.
  • Do I need collateral?
  • In most cases your signature is our collateral. There are however occasions when we are required to hold some other form of collateral. Ask one of our agents for more information.
  • Do we do out of state or immigration bonds?
  • We are teamed up with bail bond agents in just about every state to be able to get your loved one out of any jail. We also have a partnership with an immigration specialist who can handle all of your immigration bond needs.

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